Future of Planning Participation Consultation

Closed 13 Mar 2012

Opened 14 Feb 2012

Feedback expected 6 Apr 2012

Results Updated 9 Apr 2012

Many thanks for all those who took part in this consultation.  The results gathered although from a small use-base (8 in total) have been hugely useful in helping shape our thinking and product development around a new *visual consultation tool*.

The next steps of the process are to develop a trial *alpha* version of the app, and start doing a series of pilots using the tool.



This consultation is designed to gather ideas from the planning community around the world as to how best design online consultation tools to help government  run their planning consultation processes more effectively.

In particular we're interested in ideas of how *interactive map-based* tools could be used to allow stakeholders to feedback directly on issues.

Why We Are Consulting

We're consulting on this as we (Delib) are in the early stages of developing a new web app to help government consult better on planning issues.

What Happens Next

Once we've analysed the reponses to this consultation, we'll be inputting all the feedback into our *app design process* to make sure we develop up the best planning web app as possible for Government use.


  • System users


  • Citizen Space