Edinburgh Tram Inquiry Call for Evidence & Issues

Closed 4 Aug 2015

Opened 12 May 2015


The Edinburgh Tram Inquiry is currently retrieving and reviewing documents, and gathering further material as part of the investigation into the Edinburgh Trams project. As part of that process the Inquiry is now keen to hear from the public on two themes:

  • What issues should the Inquiry be investigating in detail?
  • What direct evidence does the public have on the consequences of the failure to deliver the project in the time, within the budget and to the extent projected?

This is the public’s chance to offer views on the direction of the Inquiry and to provide actual evidence for consideration by Lord Hardie.

Why We Are Consulting

The Edinburgh Tram Inquiry was commissioned in June 2014 and made into a statutory inquiry in November 2014. The Inquiry is investigating why the Edinburgh Trams project incurred delays, cost more than originally budgeted, and through reductions in scope delivered significantly less than was initially planned. The full Terms of Reference are published on the website.

Since then the Inquiry has established offices, appointed staff and obtained the necessary technology required to allow the Inquiry to function. Large infrastructure projects such as the Edinburgh Trams project generate vast quantities of documentation and the team is currently reviewing around 5 million documents. The Inquiry is unique in the volume of material it is managing and we are using innovative and sophisticated document management technology to assist in the review.  However this work takes time to undertake properly and is crucial for the thorough investigation that is required of a public inquiry.


As a result of the work so far a range of issues have been identified for further investigation. The public now have a chance to consider this list and say if there are other issues which they think the Inquiry should consider. 


In addition to the vast quantities of documentary evidence at its disposal, the Inquiry Team is aware of the many concerns that have been expressed over the years by members of the public who were affected in different ways by the delays in delivering the project within the time and to the extent projected. The Inquiry must base its findings on direct evidence from those affected, rather than upon reports in the media or second hand accounts of what others are reported as having said or thought. Therefore we are anxious to obtain such evidence from individuals, residents, businesses and developers and any other organisations affected, whether or not they have previously expressed these views in public.

We are therefore issuing a call for evidence from the public, and would encourage those concerned to submit written evidence which can be used by the Inquiry.


The deadline for responding to the call for either or both issues and evidence is 4 August 2015.



What Happens Next

Any information supplied in response to this consultation will be considered by the Inquiry Team and will be taken into account as the Inquiry proceeds.

A short factual analysis of the issues submitted in response to this consultation will be published in autumn 2015, and an updated list of issues being investigated will be published on the Edinburgh Tram Inquiry website.






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