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Engaging with Parliament

7. How effective are online petitions as a means of getting involved in politics?

They are quite effective as it is very easy to sign an online petition and make a contribution, and feel as though you are involved. I have signed online petitions that appear to have had an impact. I'm not sure that the impact will continue as an increasing number of such petitions means they will be competing for attention and opposing petitions on the same topic may cancel each other out.

Direct democracy

9. Should citizens have more direct input into the political decision-making process, and if so, what would be the most effective way of doing this online?

I'm not sure I want citizens having too much input as I expect only those who feel strongly about something would participate, which would not be representative of the views of the majority.

10. Would crowd-sourcing be a useful addition to the consultative process?

Yes I think getting views of citizens for consultation - rather than decision-making could be beneficial

Facilitating dialogue

11. Is there a role for Parliament in facilitating dialogue amongst citizens about political issues?

Facilitators have to be impartial and not contribute to the debate. If parliament just introduced the topics and asked for views that may be OK.