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Closed 10 Oct 2014

Opened 17 Sep 2014

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What is the Commission?

The Digital Democracy Commission was set up by the Speaker of the House of Commons to consider how Parliament can use digital technology to become more effective at:


One issue that has generated some comment and discussion is whether the UK should have electronic voting. The Commission is interested in hearing your views on this.

Listen to the Speaker talking about why he set up the Commission:

Why do we want to hear from you?

When you vote in a general election, you elect someone to go to the House of Commons and represent your interests and your local area (constituency) in Parliament. This makes Parliament relevant to everyone. Its main roles are:

  • Examining and challenging the work of the government (scrutiny)
  • Debating and passing (or rejecting) all laws (legislation)
  • Enabling the government to collect taxes

The Digital Democracy Commission would like to hear your views about how Parliament—and Members of Parliament—could become better at using the internet and digital technology to perform these roles and to communicate with you.


  • General Public
  • Technology Sector
  • Academics
  • Lawyers
  • NGOs
  • Think Tanks


  • Democracy
  • Digital
  • Legislation
  • Public Scrutiny
  • Political Engagement