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Online voting (eg, on computers and mobile devices)

6. What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of online voting (eg, voting via the internet using a computer or mobile device)?

I believe that young people would be more inclined to vote online. At the moment the voting system is heavily biased towards older voters, especially established home-owners whose voter registration is renewed more or less automatically. Potential drawbacks are the possibilities for fraud or intimidation although probably no more than already exists with postal voting.

7. What impact, if any, would online voting have on voter turnout?

I believe it would increase voter turnout.

8. Would online voting increase the ‘digital divide’ or increase accessibility in elections?

It would not increase the 'digital divide' as long as those voters who prefer to put their voting papers in a ballot box still have the opportunity to do so.

Electronic voting at the ballot box (eg, using a voting machine at a polling station)

10. What are the advantages and disadvantages to using electronic voting machines in polling stations instead of paper ballots?

I think most people who prefer to attend the polling station would be more likely to trust paper ballots.

11. Would electronic voting at the ballot box be a useful step towards online voting?


Best practice and troubleshooting

13. What safeguards would be needed to reassure the public that their digital vote was secure?

Most voters who would be likely to use digital voting probably already use electronic banking and trust the security.