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Online voting (eg, on computers and mobile devices)

6. What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of online voting (eg, voting via the internet using a computer or mobile device)?

Benefits: much stronger potential engagement - people, especially younger generations, will find it easier. Drawbacks: lose the sense of duty and purpose, when going to the polling station or sending your postal vote

7. What impact, if any, would online voting have on voter turnout?


8. Would online voting increase the ‘digital divide’ or increase accessibility in elections?

I think it might do both. Many people will have better access to online elections, but those who still shy away from technology might feel isolated. However, I think this is inevitable, and soon there will be none who don't use the internet.

Electronic voting at the ballot box (eg, using a voting machine at a polling station)

10. What are the advantages and disadvantages to using electronic voting machines in polling stations instead of paper ballots?

Advantages: no need for counting, and removes the chance of human errors Disadvantages: potential for spoilt ballots or mistakes by voters in the first instance, but it could be made very simple to use so this would be reduced. Initial cost would be high

11. Would electronic voting at the ballot box be a useful step towards online voting?

It would be a step in the right direction, if online voting was not an option, but if online voting is in the pipeline, I don't think it makes sense to waste resources on electronic voting in the mean time

Best practice and troubleshooting

13. What safeguards would be needed to reassure the public that their digital vote was secure?

High-profile technology security companies helping build the system. Learn from failures of other online voting systems (society, company, business polls etc)