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Online voting (eg, on computers and mobile devices)

6. What are the potential benefits and drawbacks of online voting (eg, voting via the internet using a computer or mobile device)?

Much easier, but is there a potential for fraud? I don't know, as I'm not an expert. We would save the cost of counts as well as polling stations, so presumably potentially much cheaper. I'm sure there are ways of making it sufficiently transparent to make the count correct.

7. What impact, if any, would online voting have on voter turnout?

Don't know, but I hope and expect a higher turnout, IF the vote itself is reformed, by a proper form of PR (ie, not just AV), a "none of the above" box, and the registering of spoiled ballots, as they are an indication of dissatisfaction. Without these reforms, all we would be doing is trying to persuade more people to vote for people they actually don't want, which would be a step away from a better democracy, not towards it.

8. Would online voting increase the ‘digital divide’ or increase accessibility in elections?

Definitely increase accessibility, and its not difficult to include the non-digital - don't you simply have postal voting as an alternative?

Electronic voting at the ballot box (eg, using a voting machine at a polling station)

10. What are the advantages and disadvantages to using electronic voting machines in polling stations instead of paper ballots?

Offhand, I can see no advantages - it would probably take longer and be more cumbersome, and probably a lot more expensive.

11. Would electronic voting at the ballot box be a useful step towards online voting?

No, nearly all of us know how to vote online already.

Best practice and troubleshooting

13. What safeguards would be needed to reassure the public that their digital vote was secure?

Don't know, but I think it is likely to be possible, as well as necessary.