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Elected representatives

6. Members of Parliament are elected to represent local people’s interests in the House of Commons. How can the internet and social media help with this?

contacting MP's is much easier by e-mail,

7. Does social media enhance the local link for MPs, or undermine it by involving them in more national and international discussions?

it open up the way MP's think to their constituents

8. Use of interactive technology is increasing. Is this likely to increase pressure for more direct democracy, such as crowd-sourcing, referendums and citizens’ initiatives?

not sure

9. What will democracy look like in 15 – 20 years?

hopefully better than it is today postal voting is open to fraud but viting via the internet may also be vulnerable

Information about politics

10. Most people still get most of their news from television, although this seems to be changing in favour of online information. Traditional news organisations are also changing. What impact will this have on elections and democracy in general?

TV and newspapers always show a bias to one or another political party. BBC being one of the worst culprits and this needs to be addressed

11. How can online provision of information about elections be improved, including details of where to vote, how to vote and the results?

unfortunately, not everyone has an e-mail address and until they have it is not likely to be possible to inform everyone personally.

Political campaigning

12. Can we expect continuous election campaigning through digital channels – what would citizens feel about that and would it undermine or strengthen representative democracy?

Due to the increased size of constituencies it is going to be the only way candidates will be able to contact the electorate. Living in Cumbria the constituency in which I live I worked as an Agent for a candidate at the last General Election and although we worked day and night found it impossible to spend enough time trying to speak to constituents. People who are interested in politics will follow whatever means of communication are used but unfortunately too many are just not interested.