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Malcolm Morton

Elected representatives

6. Members of Parliament are elected to represent local people’s interests in the House of Commons. How can the internet and social media help with this?

Individuals can use the internet to conveniently communicate their opinions to elected members and others in positions of influence

7. Does social media enhance the local link for MPs, or undermine it by involving them in more national and international discussions?

Social media reinforces the individual or group opinion, and adds value to other publically stated opinions

8. Use of interactive technology is increasing. Is this likely to increase pressure for more direct democracy, such as crowd-sourcing, referendums and citizens’ initiatives?

Yes, undoubtably

9. What will democracy look like in 15 – 20 years?

Individuals, as well as the general voting public, will be asked to respond to specific policy issues. This will provide, or not provide, a mandate for further action

Information about politics

10. Most people still get most of their news from television, although this seems to be changing in favour of online information. Traditional news organisations are also changing. What impact will this have on elections and democracy in general?

many people wil use the internet and social media to obtain the news and comment on current issues, and may choose to respond using those immediately available links. This should be welcomed as voter engagement

11. How can online provision of information about elections be improved, including details of where to vote, how to vote and the results?

Send frequent, very short, reminders to voters who have accepted to receive such reminders, and send out brief statements of candidates, and subsequently election results, with links to further info pages.

Political campaigning

12. Can we expect continuous election campaigning through digital channels – what would citizens feel about that and would it undermine or strengthen representative democracy?

Advertisment-free campaigning would be acceptable, but lobbyist-influenced messages will surely undermine confidence in the democratic process. There is already too much commercial lobbying infuence.