NHS Swindon Shadow Clinical Commissioning Group consultation regarding their proposed structure and constitution.

Closed 10 Jun 2012

Opened 21 May 2012

Results Updated 16 Jun 2012

From 21/05/2012 to 10/06/2012, Delib ran a consultation entitled 'NHS Swindon Shadow Clinical Commissioning Group consultation regarding our proposed structure and constitution.'

We received over 50 responses online (thank you)

The results were generally very supportive of the proposals (see full report below).




Amendments to general practice contracts brought about by The Health & Social Care Act require all practices to become members of a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) as CCGs prepare to apply for authorisation to take over the commissioning of NHS healthcare when PCTs and SHAs are abolished from April 2013. A model constitution was published by the Department of Health with recommendations made that CCGs adapt it to meet the needs of their aligned practices.


Why We Are Consulting

We believe that local practices should be at the heart of decision making when commissioning local services for Swindon.

The purpose of this consultation is to let practices, staff, partner organisations and members of the public submit their views for consideration when we take important decisions. We want to know your views on the plans for the future Clinical Commissioning Group.

In October 2010, a shadow clinical commissioning group (TLG) was elected by Swindon GPs to help facilitate the transition. This group has prepared a draft structure and adapted the national model constitution and is now in a position to consult with local practices and other stakeholders to ask for comments and suggestions about how this proposed structure and constitution would serve Swindon. We would welcome constructive input from practices (as our key audience) and other stakeholders. NHS Swindon Shadow CCG would like to know your views.

What Happens Next

The results will be made available on Tuesday 12th June.


  • General Practioners
  • Practice Nurses
  • Practice Managers
  • Practice Staff
  • Patients
  • Partner Organisations
  • LiNK


  • Health Care Provision